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Advanced Laser Cutting Service in Santa Ana

Our Metal Fabrication Capabilities:

Save Time and Money with Precision Laser Cutting in Orange County and Los Angeles

AZ Mfg Inc. is an industry-leading metal fabrication company based in Santa Ana. We provide our diverse CNC Laser Cutting service capabilities to a wide range of industries residing throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. With our detailed laser cutting service, we are constantly improving our metal fabrication process to meet each of our customer’s diverse needs and desires.

With over 30 years of sheet metal fabrication experience, AZ Mfg is built on a history of quality sheet metal manufacturing, team dedication, and excellent customer service. We take great pride in the fact that our customers come from referrals, not advertising. First-time customers typically become repeat customers. Continue reading below for more information regarding our laser-cutting process.

CNC Laser Cutting of Different Materials

CNC laser cutting of materials allows for a very high level of precision and cutting-edge quality. We use a CO2 laser to cut a variety of metals. With CNC capability, these machines are capable of work areas measuring 120′′ x 72′′ x 36′′, up to 1′′ thick steel, 5/8′′ stainless, and 3′′ aluminium. These are just a few of the materials we can cut. AZ Mfg can do production runs or single-piece prototypes. The company supports your JIT purchasing practices by maintaining an inventory of raw materials.

Lasers have quick setup time and their cutting speeds are replacing other conventional fabrication machinery. They have effectively reduced secondary operations and often provide cost savings to the customer. To ensure top-quality work, AZ Mfg completes all laser cutting services in our large state-of-the-art facility in Santa Ana. For professional laser cutting service and exceptional customer care, contact AZ Mfg today!

Contact us today for an offer regarding laser cutting!

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