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CNC Press Brakes for Sheet Metal Fabrication in Santa Ana

Our Metal Fabrication Capabilities

High Precision CNC Braking for Sheet Metal Fabrication in Orange County and Los Angeles

Here at AZ Mfg in Santa Ana, we are the go-to metal fabrication and manufacturing experts! We specialize in high-precision CNC braking for sheet metal fabrication. CNC Brakes allow multiple angles bends in one handling, thereby greatly reducing the time and cost normally associated with parts that require intricate or compound bends.

AZ Mfg also has an extensive assortment of common and special purpose dies on hand and forming capabilities up to 10’ at 110 tons, which often eliminates the additional cost of expensive tooling. Some of our press brakes permit tooling to be set for the entire length of the bed, allowing for a single setup and single handling of even the most challenging and complex parts. Limitless computer memory enables the recall and setup of repeat parts in just minutes. With AZ Mfg, we deliver consistent parts, time after time.

With over 30 years of industry experience, AZ Mfg is built on a history of quality sheet metal manufacturing, team dedication, and excellent customer service. Our quality workmanship and competitive pricing coupled with our quick turnaround will exceed your CNC Press Brake Forming expectations. To ensure the production of top-quality work, we complete all services in our state-of-the-art facility. If you are in the Orange County or Los Angeles area, we offer complimentary local delivery.

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